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020512 - Until He Comes - Drink Your Milk! - 1Peter 2:1-3

020512 - Until He Comes - Drink Your Milk! - 1Peter 2:1-3

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Sermon Outline “Until He Comes: Drink Your Milk!” - I Peter 2:1-3 “25 million copies of Bible sold annually in America. Best selling title in America.” 92% of Americans own a Bible, & “75% of Americans believe the Bible is either Word of God or inspired by the Word of God.” “Gideons International distributes annually over 45 million Bibles (86 every minute).” Gallup Poll: “Fewer than ½ Americans can name the 1st book of the Bible” (can you?). “Only 1/3 know who delivered the Sermon on the Mount” (some naming Billy Graham). “Only ¼ know what is celebrated on Easter.” From a 1997 Barna research: “12% of Christians think Noah’s wife was Joan of Arc.” “80% think that ‘God helps those who help themselves’ is in the Bible” (not!). George Gallup: “We revere the Bible, but we don’t read it.” 64% gave the excuse that they were too busy & 80% stated that the Bible was confusing & hard to understand. Reality? Scripture is not a priority. Woodrow Kroll, Pres of Back to the Bible: “Biblical illiteracy is a matter not of the inability to read, but the choice not to read.” Peter urges us to not coincide w/those stats, but be those who regularly & diligently read/study the Bible. 2012’s theme: Until He Comes - looking for Jesus to come again & living according to that perspective. Great news & even greater news: He is here! He is coming again! I Peter 2:1-3 “put away” gives the sense that it is a choice we need to make once & for all (yet revisit again & again). Malice, deceit, hypocrisy, envy, slander - all opposite of love for God & one another (1:22). The Christian life involves a lot of discarding - former ways of thinking, acting, reacting, being - so that we can put on, embrace, adopt, put into practice new ways of thinking, acting, reacting, being - according to Christ-likeness. Can’t put on Christ-likeness unless we put off the old self. How do we get hold of this kind of thinking? From Scripture. Drink your milk! Just as baby goes after his mother’s breast or the bottle, that’s the way we’re to go after Scripture - pure spiritual milk. The reason we’re not thirsty is that we don’t understand the value of Scripture. It’s by the Word of God we grow spiritually. Word of God teaches us - how to live the Christian life, - how to love our wives/husbands, - how to raise our children, - how to get along w/our neighbor, - how to succeed God’s way in life, - how to handle your finances, - what it means to follow Christ, - what it means to be a man/woman of God, - how to share our faith, etc. Believe that? I don’t think we really do, or we would be hungry & thirsty for the truth of God’s Word. Vs.3 - Have you tasted God’s goodness - His saving grace, forgiveness, revealed in Scripture?” Psalm 34:8 - “Oh, taste & see that the Lord is good!” Peter is saying, “there’s much more where that came from!” Until He comes, let us drink our “milk” - the life-giving and directing Word of God, and live according to it.