Sunday, January 17, 2021

Being Idle About Idols

Being Idle About Idols

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Idols in Disguise Years ago when Ollie and I were single, we went on a summer missions project to Thailand. Most of the Thai people were either Buddhists, animists, or a combination of both. So it was very common to see spirit houses in people’s yards. These structures looked similar to elaborate birdhouses perched on a pole. Each one had a flat area to place flowers and/or fruit as offerings to the spirits in return for either the favor and protection of some or the appeasement of others. In addition, Buddhist temples were also very common. Many of them housed mammoth statues of Buddha where the Thai would do homage and pray to him. I remember thinking how unusual it was to see people worshiping idols. It seemed so strange and foreign. We don’t think idolatry is all that common here in America. But the reality is that idolatry is practiced here just as regularly as in Thailand; it just looks much different. Our idolatry is much more subtle, but just as dangerous. So what does that idolatry look like & what should we do about it? Join us for Part 12 in our series on I Corinthians.