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Rev Terry - Sep 29, 2019 - What Jesus is Saying to Us

Rev Terry - Sep 29, 2019 - What Jesus is Saying to Us

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Posted 8 months ago by Anonymous
Well, this really is a moving sermon. I missed church last week, so I'm glad this was available to listen to. Interestingly, Rev Terry holds a mirror up to us to get us to look through a window. It also flies in the face of advice I've always been given at my previous churches and by family and friends: Charity begins at home. Rev Terry is forcing me to reconsider that philosophy. We should take care of our neighbors here in the States, but we should also do more for our neighbors abroad. Thank you for, as usual, moving me out of my comfort zone so that I can reevaluate long-held beliefs.
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We are responsible for others, we will be judged, and we need missions-consciousness. Luke 16:19-31