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Let's Meet Our Author

Let's Meet Our Author

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Posted 4 months ago by zHEX cHEATS


Start enhancing your games with Rust cheats that are undetectable and easy to use. Find out how
simple it is to use aimbots, wallhacks/ESP, and other effective tools to make the most of your game time.


Get Undetectable Rust Cheats    

At Cheat Army, you can find the best and most undetectable Rust cheats. We have created them to be fully customizable, and they have had the lowest detection rates since their release.  

Rust is all about exploring, building, and – most importantly – surviving. Everything else in this game wants you to die. It could be the island’s wildlife or environment. It could be other survivors. It could be a combination of both that end your game on an unfortunate note.  

It’s the worst when you’ve gathered a ton of resources and suddenly you lose it all to some punk.   

Our undetectable Rust hacks are designed to give you every chance to survive – and thrive – as you continue to explore and build.  
We only offer our own safe cheats for Rust so we can provide a range of different options. These cheats have extensive ESP and wallhack options and always include special Rust aimbot features.  

The best part is that none of these hacks will interfere with your FPS. We’re gamers ourselves, and we know that no one wants to hinder their system’s performance while they use these specialized hacks.  

What Makes the Cheat Army Hacks for Rust so Good?

Our Rust aimbot and other cheats are made by hand-picked developers to ensure you never fall behind the game’s developments. No matter how much Facepunch Studios or EAC try with their unexpected updates, our developers know the game so well they are usually able to update our hacks within a matter of hours. 

And the best part? Any downtime from our side is always compensated.  

Safe and Undetected

We always ensure each Rust hack we provide is safe so you can play it knowing your enhancements will remain undetected. Any signal we receive that may indicate that there is a security issue with any of our hacks will immediately be tested internally, and we will change the status if necessary until we are sure everything it working correctly. Naturally, even for these cases, we provide compensation. Your security is second only to your satisfaction.

Amazing Features

All our Rust cheats always come with standard features such as aimbot and wallhacks, also known as ESP. However, each developer has done it their own way so you can always find the right fit for you. Some may add certain riskier features while others will keep it to a bare minimum to keep the potential for detection as low as possible. 

Customizable Features

We only offer undetected hacks and cheats that include both ESP wallhacks and an aimbot. This is what we refer to as the minimum level. We also require each hack to be more customizable than just an on/off option. Preferably with color options and where loot is defined into categories to ensure everyone can use it for exactly what they need. The aimbot also has to be adjustable so you can tailor it based on your own skills and needs.

Easy Setup

We try to keep the Rust hacks setup as easy as possible. Entering the license key and pressing ENTER should be the hardest part, no more! Of course, you may need to install some prerequisites but we have guides and a full technical staff to ensure that is no problem at all. There is never any technical knowledge required at any time.

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