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God is on Our Side 11/3/2013

God is on Our Side 11/3/2013

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The Lord blessed us with another great Sunday as Zach Hamilton delivered a message using word pictures and scripture. I loved the story Zach told about “elephant love.” An animal behaviorist expert was on the African plains where a great herd of elephants had gathered. One of the late arrival elephants pushed his way from the back to the middle of the herd where a dead elephant lay. It was observed that this elephant attempted over 150 times to pick up the dead elephant. He would not give up on making the deceased whole again and part of the herd. Zack then tied this story into II Corinthians 5:17-20 which says God has turned the ministry of reconciliation over to His believers. This scripture deals with leading people to Christ as God’s ambassadors. I also read into this scenario the ministry of reconciling believing Christians to each other. We all know people who have stopped attending church. We cannot be content to let these people think that we don’t care if they are here or not. We should have the tenacity of the elephant that pushed his way to his down comrade and tried over and over to pick him up. Our church family cannot be whole as long as we are missing parts of our body. I want to encourage everyone this week to call or visit at least one absent church member and tell them you miss and love them. So far I have two appointments this week to talk to church members. It is not our responsibility if they do not return, but it is our responsibility to let them know we still love and care for them. Another profound statement that Zach made was because God is on my side; I can be on the side of others – lifting them up.