Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Lack of Time in the Connection Room

The Lack of Time in the Connection Room

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Within each of us, there is a desire to connect with something greater than ourselves. There is an inner longing to experience something that transcends our own little world. We were made to experience God. When we read the Biblical accounts of those who experienced God, they were overwhelmed, transformed, and even brought to their knees in the presence of God. But for many of us, that experience is foreign. We sometimes pray, even read the Bible. But God seems more like an abstract, theological truth than the One who desires to turn our world upside down. It’s almost like God is in another room, while we are sitting in the waiting room—but waiting for what? We don’t quite know. So what keeps us from experiencing God? How do we walk from the waiting room into the room where we can experience the incomparable God of the universe in His unrivaled fullness? Join us as we break barriers and touch the One who can electrify our lives!