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10/24/2010 #1 of 3

10/24/2010 #1 of 3

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Greetings, When it comes to understanding God's Love, one thing holds true. We must be "born again" and "filled with the Holy Spirit" before we can ever hope to understand. Once this takes place in our life we must exercise that Love toward others. Can you imagine how vital the church would be in society if everyone who claimed to be Christian were "born again?" WOW! That is a bold statement. Does it get your attention? It should! It's sad that everyone I talk to (outside the four walls) concerning church relations has very few positive things to say about professing Christians. I'm told they are the rudest, most impatient, and sad people to work with. Not to mention the conflicts that take place in the church. And we wonder why only a few people we invite to church come. Please forgive me for being so forward, but there is a reason. I believe it is time to read 1 Corinthians 13:4-6 again and evaluate honestly if we are "born again." YFIC, Pastor Doug