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10/10/2010 #3 of 3

10/10/2010 #3 of 3

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Greetings, 1 Corinthians 14:1a says "Pursue love." What does it mean to pursue? To pursue something is to go after it with passion and desire. If God is love and we are to pursue love, then we are to pursue God. I believe this is what the Body of Christ needs. Since we are Born Again of the spirit of God and then filled with the spirit of God, then we must pursue Holiness. Because it is only through the Holy Spirit that Love exists in usâ?¦ God's Love. Once this relationship with God exists then we will be able to pursue love toward all creation. This will bring us to a relationship with one another, no matter how different we are. In God's eyes we are all valued the same. Not one more important than the other. Jesus died for us all. So please read the Word of God, understand what took place on the cross, and above all, â??pursue LOVE.â? YFIC, Pastor Doug